Jon-Troy Nickel

Jon-Troy Nickel

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First Name * Jon-Troy
Last Name * Nickel
Username * Hazardous
Country * Australia
City Widgee
Nationality Canadian / New Zealand.


Well I've been working on developing my art skills since 2003, all self taught though I've had a lot of help from some key people and some great forums.

In 2004 I opened a freelance business Kalescent Studios - which has provided me a wealth of highs and lows, providing work for 15 titles for some 12 clients worldwide, on the PS2, Xbox, PC, Nintendo DS, PS3 & Xbox360 and Various Mobile Phone platforms.

I've recently taken an extreme liking to realtime cinematic quality characters, so hopefully a few more of these will pop up in my folio soon :)

I have a fantastic wife Stephanie, who I've been with for 7 years now and she has been my pillar of strength and best friend since I first met her.


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